Learn Digital Photography

Stephen is available to teach Digital Photography one on one.
ONE Teacher to ONE Student. Best way to learn.

Do you want to be able to take perfect night photographs of people with the city lights all lit up in the background. Then . . . . .
1. Camera on a sturdy Tripod.
2. Focus on your people then lock your focus.
3. Re aim your camera.
4. Set your camera at 800 ISO, f11 and shutter speed at 8 seconds.
5. Tell your people the flash will fire when you press the button but they must keep fairly still until the shutter closes 8 seconds later.
6. Press the button then keep yelling out ” stay still, don’t move, only a few seconds to go etc etc”
7. Shutter closed, say ” OK to move now ” 
8. Evaluate the result and adjust if necessary and re-shoot.
9. The 8 seconds will have exposed the night lights in the background perfectly.
10. Pat yourself on the back and be proud of your Digital Photography Achievement.

Portraits of the Night – Night Landscapes – Studio Lighting and Posing – Basic Digital SLR Photography.
Over the digital years, We conducted Photography Workshops in Brisbane, Toowoomba and Townsville for AIPP, Canon, PPAQ and most times was with fellow teacher, Vincent Swift. Below are some of the class photographs from workshops where I was partnered with the best Photography Teacher ever, Vincent Swift. I only appear in 3 of these class photographs as I am the photographer who took most of these class images. 


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