Sorry, our STUDIO is temporarily CLOSED due to Storm Damage & for Renovation


Studio Passports – Visa Photographs – Studio Headshots.
Please contact us via Text Message –  0418 742 530
or by Email:  info@stephenjones.com.au
Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, UK, Overseas Citizen of India, USA, Irish, Italian, in fact for every country in the world.

SORRY ! The Studio is CLOSED
The Studio is on the north side of Brisbane at our home in Cashmere. 

We photograph and print Passport & Visa photos to suit every country in the world. Adults, Children, Toddlers, Babies Passport Images, Visa Images, Citizenship Images, Job I.D. & Job Resume Photos are our speciality. We can be available 24-7 by appointment to help you with your Passport, Visa & I.D. Photography needs. 
Australian Passport Size – Adults & Children from 3 yrs: $20
Passport of Babies (any country) up to 3yrs old : $30
Other Countries with different sizes & specifications: $30
Digital Passport Image : $30 (Supplied via E-mail)
Digital Passport Image : $40 (Supplied on a new 16gb USB Stick

Please contact us by Text Message : 0418 742 530 
Studio Passport & Visa Photographs : (all countries catered for)
Baby & Children’s Passport & Visa Photographs :
(all ages)
Studio I.D. & Head Shots :
(paper or digital file)
Studio Head Shot files for the Web :
(optimised for fast loading)
Airline Attendant Resume Photos :
(Full length & closeups)
Employment Resume Photos :

Please Text on: 0418 742 530