Studio Passports – Visa Photographs – Studio Headshots.
Please contact us via Text Message –  0418 742 530
or by Email:  info@stephenjones.com.au
Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, UK, Overseas Citizen of India, USA, Irish, Italian, in fact for every country in the world.

The Studio is on the north side of Brisbane at our home in Cashmere. 
We photograph and print Passport & Visa photos to suit every country in the world. Adults, Children, Toddlers, Babies Passport Images, Visa Images, Citizenship Images, Job I.D. & Job Resume Photos are our speciality. We can be available 24-7 by appointment to help you with your Passport, Visa & I.D. Photography needs. 
Australian Passport Size – Adults & Children from 3 yrs: $30
Passport of Babies (any country) up to 3yrs old : $40
Other Countries with different sizes & specifications: $40
Digital Passport Image : $40

Please contact us by Text Message : 0418 742 530 
Studio Passport & Visa Photographs : (all countries catered for)
Baby & Children’s Passport & Visa Photographs :
(all ages)
Studio I.D. & Head Shots :
(paper or digital file)
Studio Head Shot files for the Web :
(optimised for fast loading)
Airline Attendant Resume Photos :
(Full length & closeups)
Employment Resume Photos :

Please Text on: 0418 742 530