Studio Head Shots

Studio Photography Sessions – images to you Online or onto a USB stick, plus $10.

Single Head & Shoulders Look – $50.00
3 Different Looks, Head & Shoulders – $100.00 (change of shirt / tops etc )
Head & Shoulders and Full Length on the endless background – $100
(This is required for some Airline & Tourism style applications)

Using a combination of good Studio Lighting Techniques and Adobe Photoshop we can improve upon mother nature and give you the edge. Blemish removal / reduction or face thinning or whatever, with a bit of help from Photoshop, we can discover the new you and perhaps help you get that new job interview.

Look happy for a Resume Photo or Web Site Image. Resume images must have you at your very best to score that job. We take several images with full Studio lighting, you select the image you like the most from the monitor and we then clean the selected image up in Photoshop with a quick digital makeover and then burn onto a USB Flash Drive.

Yes, we can supply Job Application Images. Prints or Image files on USB to your exact size requirements. Close up front on, passport style, or we can shoot a flattering portrait angle of pose. Full length pose on the studio endless white as required by some airlines and tourism venues for job application. Pass the Interview and get that Job with a Professional Image in your resume by a Master Portrait Photographer. We use multiple studio lights to capture you in the most flattering manner and we can arrange after hours or weekend or rush appointments.

Need all your employees photographed. Yes, we can bring our Studio to you. We have photographed from a few employees to entire Army Battalions. High key white background or low key darker studio portrait style background. Hard copy images or onto USB or both. Gain the years of our experience for your company. Just ring us for a quote to come out to your company premises.

Some people want to change clothes ie different top or with coat and tie or open necked, different blouse etc. Many Real Estate Agents and sales people require full length photographs of themselves taken in the studio on the endless white background. This is becoming very popular for promotional purposes.
Yes, we can make you look thinner. So don’t panic !

Airlines and some areas of the hospitality/tourism industry require full length professional photographs to be submitted with the job application forms.  Some airlines have very definite photographic requirements. Bring changes of outfit with you. The ” 3 Look Shoot ” is most popular with people wanting a creative portrait of themselves for the web site. You can then change your image and portray a different look and keep your web site looking fresh. Stephen will vary the Studio lights according to the angle of pose and the most important factor, your shape. No two people are the same. Sometimes he feels that some people would rather be at the dentist than in the Studio having a professional image taken of themselves. Getting rid of double chins is the art of Studio Posing and Lighting. Good lighting along with professional posing followed by a quick digital makeover in Photoshop will save the day and improve your image. Take the time and invest in your image for your web site. Stephen has 33 years experience in the Studio and has won the titles of Australian Editorial Photographer of the Year (twice) as well as Australian Documentary Photographer of the Year for his Portrait Images. Creating Portrait Images of people is what Stephen does best – Let him do this for you.

Stephen Jones is an Accredited Professional Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

Mobile Studio – Our studio comes to your company premises – Cost is POA
We quite often set up background/lights at companies in the city or wherever to photograph all of your staff for company portraits, websites, ID etc. Sometimes this is the only way to stop your Managing Director for 60 seconds so you can get his/her image onto the website or into the company annual report. While we’re there we can photograph the rest of the staff. It is quite common for us to set up at a Brisbane Legal or Accounting firm for a morning or to spend several days at an Army base photographing portraits and head shots of all staff/soldiers.

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