Door on the right is the Studio door and the one up the pathway on the left is the front door of my house.


The Studio and house is set on a couple of acres of bush and has a private bitumen road leading into a large car park area.


There is an Arana Photography sign on the wall beside the Studio Door. MK3_4009

The Studio is a separate wing of the house and has its own Toilet and back office area.


Set in a Bush Environment. MK3_4014

Plenty of parking Area


View of the bush area below the car park with pond and jetty.


To the left of the backdrop is a sliding door that leads to the back office and the Studio toilet area.

MK3_4026 From that area is a sliding door that leads to the private house area. The studio area is totally separate to the house living area.


On the right is the receptionist desk area.


Proper Studio set with fixed backdrops and scissor arms from the ceiling to hold lighting