Passport Images

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Photos with Studio Lighting

Passport & Visa photos have strict guidelines under the Biometric Passport processing system. Great care is needed in the photography & editing of your image so the size and tonal range is 100% correct. Our Studio lights will give good rounding to the skin tones on your face and thus will be easily identified by the automatic biometric scanner at the point of entry. Our goal is to make Passport photos that work perfectly every single time in the airport’s biometric scanners. We make Studio Passport & Visa photos for every country in the world. Passport & Visa photos of babies and children are one of our specialities. We have photographed babies as young as a few days old. We know exactly what is required for each country and photograph accordingly.

Passport of Babies (any country) up to 3yrs old : $30
Australian Passport Size – Adults & Children from 3 yrs: $20
Other Countries with different sizes & specifications: $30
Digital Passport Image : $30 (Supplied via E-mail)
Digital Passport Image : $40 (Supplied on a new 16gb USB Stick

(We can make any size Passport /Visa photos to suit every country in the world)
Please text me on 0418 742 530 to make an appointment and yes, I can do out of hours appointments – cheers Stephen

I am a Portrait Photographer with over 40 years experience photographing Passport images in the Studio. Facial recognition software employed at international airports means you cannot smile and your image must be properly lit. I use every possible posing and lighting technique to make sure that your image is as pleasant as legally possible. There is no need to have a horrible looking photo in your Passport.

We make Studio Passport, Visa and Citizenship Photos for every country in the world. Babies, toddlers and children are not a problem. Austria, Australia, Albania, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, China, Chile, Colombia, Congo, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Emirates, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Iceland, India, Ireland, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Spain, Syria, Switzerland, Singapore, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America, Zimbabwe and all other countries.

Q:  How can I get the best possible photograph of myself for my passport ?
A:  A good start is to have your passport photograph taken by Portrait Photographer who uses multiple studio lights and a proper portrait lens.
The secret to good lighting is good wide flash umbrellas. The wider the source of light means delivery of very soft light that will be kind to the subject being photographed. The second part is to use a long portrait lens. The use of a standard or short portrait lens will result in the subject to appear to have a bigger nose. The longer the focal length of the lens, the better the photograph.

Q:  Where is your Studio ?
A:  On the north side of Brisbane. I work from my home at Cashmere and have a 24-7 dedicated studio. Please text Stephen on 0418 742 530 for an appointment.

Q:  It seems that many countries have different sizes ?
A:  While quite often the outside dimensions are the standard 35mm x 45mm, the top of head to chin size can vary from country to country. Also the colour required for the background is another variable. When you make an appointment for a passport for a foreign country, I immediately check the latest passport photo regulations for that country and make sure my template for that country is up to date and accurate. The regulations regarding children’s passport photos can vary from country to country.

Q:  My country requires a digital file. Can you supply me a file on a USB stick or by email ?
A:  Yes, we can do all that for you and creating the file to an exact digital spec is what we do every day (and many nights) here at our Studio.

Q:  I have had a Passport photo taken and I have come out much darker than my normal dark skin tone.
A:  This is a common occurrence and many of the passport images we do here are redoes where the client is unhappy with the results obtained elsewhere. I adjust the skin tone density in the printing process on every passport to give the best possible image on your passport.

Q:  Can I have an after hours appointment or a weekend ?
A:  Yes, no problem, many people just can’t make it through the day.

Q:  How long will it take to photograph and produce the prints ?
A:  Please allow 10 minutes as I quite often adjust the Studio lights to suit the individual.

Q:  I am a Brunei citizen and our passport photos have a blue background ?
A:  We can do any colour background in a studio passport photo. Brunei don’t 100% insist on the blue background and will accept the international standard of light grey however we will do exactly what you want.

Q:  I have tried at 2 different Post Offices and my 21mth old is impossible to photograph ?
A:  We use special techniques to photograph babies and toddlers with a 100% success rate over 40 years. We will give you a special briefing in our Car park area before you enter the Studio. It is important that you do exactly what you have been briefed to do.

Q:  My old Passport Photo looks horrible and shows me with a really bad double chin !
A:  Through special Portrait techniques, we can usually decrease the double chin look and stay legally within Passport Photo regulations.

Q:  Can you retouch some marks on my face ?
A:  No, this is against Passport Photo regulations.
The secret to good passport photographs is in the broad studio umbrella lighting and a proper portrait lens.

Please note Passport images must be no smiles ie mouth closed and unretouched. The no smiles is because of facial recognition software now employed at all international airports. In the Studio, I use 4 Lights to produce a flattering (within regulation) Studio Passport. We can produce any size to any country’s requirementsMany other countries are the same size photographs as Australia but sometimes the height of head factor is way different to the Australian head (chin to top of head – no hair) size USA and Canada are totally different sizes to each other and Australia,
so if you are from Texas or Vancouver, we can look after you with the correct size.

Yes, I can make the New Zealand digital passport file to regulation and then upload the image to the NZ Government computer server to check that the image passes regulation.

Yes, I can make the USA digital passport file to regulation and then upload the image to the US Government computer server to check that the image passes regulation.

Yes we can custom make passport photographs for any nationality.

Please text for an appointment and tell us what nationality you require for your application. There are many countries that do not conform to the International Standard on passport photographs. When you phone for your appointment and if your nationality is not Australian, please let us know this so we can make sure we have the latest photo size regulations on hand for your Nationality.

Yes, we can produce ID Photographs to your requirements.